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ANNOUNCEMENT: (Updated Monday, 4/9) No Strike Tomorrow or Tuesday, Due to Substantial Movement

The progress made this Sunday persuades us to delay the job action for now, in the conviction that we will make more substantial progress. We have reached this point due to the overwhelming support of members and students and other allies at the University and throughout the state.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Potential LEO Two-Day Work Stoppage

Over 80% of LEO members responding to electronic ballot voted last week to authorize the bargaining team and elected Union Council to call the work stoppage on April 9 and 10 if we don’t see significant improvement on our most important demands.

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Why is the minimum salary for full-time lecturers at U of M Ann Arbor only $34,500? And under 30,000 at Flint and Dearborn?

My name is Neala and I’m a recent grad of UM working in the Residential College here. The most meaningful work I’ve done as an undergrad at U of M has been under the guidance and care of lecturers.

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