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Inside LEO

LEO is a dynamic, member-driven community of accomplished lecturers on all three U-M campuses—Dearborn, Flint, and Ann Arbor. LEO lecturers earn teaching awards, publish acclaimed works, and oversee important community organizations. Together we build union strength (and wonderful friendships!) by bringing our unique skills and interests to LEO committees

By combining our collective strengths into one union, we have achieved historic gains in contract negotiations, establishing a model for just, dignified working conditions in higher education. We are committed to building the strength of our own union, to contributing to our campus communities, and to supporting and organizing alongside our students for an equitable university. Explore our Power Building Toolkit, designed for lecturers and allies, to learn more about our solidarity efforts.

Through the LEO community, lecturers affirm that we are valued parts of a greater whole, whether by joining committees, attending social events, or building friendships and support systems with our fellow members. LEO offers countless opportunities for solidarity and socializing. Be sure to follow our social media and blog to stay up to date!


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LEO Flint Campus Chair Stephanie addresses the University Board of Regents in June 2018

LEO Flint Campus Chair Stephanie addresses the University Board of Regents in June 2018


We build union power by increasing our visibility on campus and educating our students, colleagues, and other allies on the working conditions of lecturers and the role we play in our university. Our Power Building Toolkit contains resources on how to do this. It is also the place for current and potential allies to reach out about working together and supporting one another in organizing for equitable campuses.


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Check out our Contacts Page to learn more about our union leadership and staff, our organizational structure, and how you can contact us.