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Frequently Asked Questions about the Potential LEO Two-Day Work Stoppage

Over 80% of LEO members responding to electronic ballot voted last week to authorize the bargaining team and elected Union Council to call the work stoppage on April 9 and 10 if we don’t see significant improvement on our most important demands.

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Bargaining Update 3/23: Some Movement on Non-Economics, but More Peanuts for Salary

We heard from a political candidate, fellow lecturers, and a representative from a sister union. The final speeches by Flint campus chair Stephanie Gelderloos and by Residential College lecturer Bob King particularly struck loud, resonant chords with the hundred-plus people gathered together.

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Why is the minimum salary for full-time lecturers at U of M Ann Arbor only $34,500? And under 30,000 at Flint and Dearborn?

My name is Neala and I’m a recent grad of UM working in the Residential College here. The most meaningful work I’ve done as an undergrad at U of M has been under the guidance and care of lecturers.

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