Convention 2018.png

Can you believe it’s been (more than) a year since our last convention already? Let’s talk about it:

Last year we had a strong turnout ahead of our new contract bargaining—and with consistently strong turnout AT bargaining, we got an amazing contract.

But we’re not finished yet.

The University still refuses to end the funding silos among the three campuses, which means that—among other related injustices—lecturers at Dearborn and Flint still don’t have true parity with lecturers on the Ann Arbor campus.

Saturday November 10th, 10am-Noon

At this year’s convention, we plan the fight for ONE UNIVERSITY, and we need YOU to help do that.

Let’s meet on the Dearborn campus to marshall our strength for this fight.

The Convention will be held in Room 119 of the attractive Environmental Interpretative Center, which is located at the north-west corner of the UM-Dearborn campus (4901 Evergreen Rd, Dearborn).

The official part of the Convention will run from 10am to noon. We will discuss the Union’s campaign to bring more equitable funding to the Flint and Dearborn campuses.

Here’s our Agenda for the meeting portion of the Convention:

1. Welcome and Overview

2. Thanks to retiring UC members Sheryl Edwards & Shelley Manis

3. Update on Contract Implementation and Upcoming Challenges

4. One University campaign proposal

5. Implications of Nov 6th election and lame duck session

6. Discussion of and vote on LEO’s 2019 Budget

At the conclusion of the LEO 2018 Convention, the Social Committee will be hosting a family-friendly event in the same room as the meeting (EIC 119), with lunch catered by La Pita in Dearborn that will include both vegetarian and vegan options.

After lunch, stay on the Dearborn campus with your Union family and have some fun! #TheUnionThatPlaysTogetherStaysTogether

There will be various activities for Lecturers and their families and friends:

  • board games for kids and adults;

  • poster-making for future Union events;

  • a knitting circle to make picket-captain hats led by LEO VP Kirsten Herold; and

  • hiking on nearby walking paths led by former Dearborn Campus Chair Sheryl Edwards.

See you there!