Check Your Check Before you Buy that Extra PSL!

SO, a few days ago you should have received the first paycheck with your raise! This is probably exciting for everyone, life-changing for many. In all the excitement, though (if you have any energy left to spare after launching the new semester and living through the current state of our public sphere), don’t forget to #CheckYourCheck!


There is one very important thing you need to do by October 20th (unless you’re not teaching in the fall, in which case this deadline does not apply to you), so that you can let us know if anything is incorrect, or if you have questions about your new Full Time Rate (FTR):

Make sure that the amount on your monthly paycheck matches up with the full-time rate listed for you on Wolverine Access (see below for how to do this). Then, make sure that the full-time rate on Wolverine is consistent with what you believe your salary should be based on our worksheet. In order to use the worksheet, you need to be sure of your years of service at the university, because years of service determine whether or not you get an equity raise and how big that raise is.

If the salary in Wolverine Access does not match up with your calculations of what it should be, this may be an indication that your years of service are either a) entered incorrectly, or b) figured differently in the official calculations than you might expect. We need to know of any discrepancies or concerns in time to alert HR by the October 22nd deadline if your equity increase is incorrect. After that deadline passes, it’s out of our hands.

Here’s how you find the University’s official calculation of your FTR:

Salary Walkthrough 1.png

Login to Wolverine Access and click “Employee Information”

Salary Walkthrough 2.png

Click on the date under “Effective Date Department”

Salary Walkthrough 3.png

Find your Full-Time Rate in the right column.

If the FTR listed there doesn’t match what you think it should be under the new contract, we need to know by October 20th so that we can investigate and alert HR by our October 22nd deadline.

Here is who you should contact by campus (or you can contact us via the email address on the above graphic):

For Ann Arbor:  
email  You should expect to hear back from someone within 2 business days.  

For Flint:
contact Moe and Stevens at and

For Dearborn:
Lecturers in CASL, SSB contact Alicia Schaeffer,
Lecturers in COB, ENGR, CEHHS contact Alex Elkins,


Happy paycheck checking!
--Your LEO Communications Team