Meet Our Union Monday: Shelley Manis


Every Monday, look forward to meeting another one of your fellow union members and hearing about how they got involved in LEO. This series is a way for us to learn about our fellow Lecs, and remind ourselves that We Are the Union!

This week, meet Shelley Manis, Lecturer in the Sweetland Center of Writing and Chair of Communications Committee! Let us know if you’re interested in getting involved in a union committee here!

What's your name?

Shelley Manis

What do you teach and on which campus?

I teach writing in the Sweetland Center for Writing, both at LHSP and in our Minor in Writing Program


How long have you taught at the University of Michigan?

8 years

What was your first experience with unions or the first time you learned what a union was?

My first experience with unions was with LEO, which is also the first time I had more than just a vague sense of unions being necessary.

What is your favorite part of being involved in LEO (e.g., union committees, membership meetings, socials, bargaining, etc.)?

I'm on the Communications Committee, and my favorite part is my CommComm pals and all the laughter at our meetings.

If you're on a committee, why do you think other LEO members should join it? (leave blank if not on a committee)

We're just an effing delight, our work is fun, we laugh a lot, and we have wine at our meetings. What's not to love?

Current obsession?

TV shows about witches--new research interest AND good fun!

What’s a favorite book, movie, and/or TV show that you've enjoyed in the past few years?

I'm reading Michelle Obama's Becoming right now, and I'm loving every second of it. Obama/Ocasio-Cortez 2020! #IfOnly

[Communications Committee] is just an effing delight, our work is fun, we laugh a lot, and we have wine at our meetings. What’s not to love?

What would you like to eat for your last meal?

A perfect bowl of she-crab soup

If you could teach something in another discipline for a semester, what would you teach?

If you mean something I WISH I could teach (ie something I wish I was an expert at), pottery!

Your personal fight song--the one that gets you fired up to fight the good fights?

"Don't Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet," which is weird, because I'm not super into country music...

Favorite slogan from our 2018 contract campaign?

Worth More