Meet Our Union Monday: Kirsten Herold


Every Monday, look forward to meeting another one of your fellow union members and hearing about how they got involved in LEO. This series is a way for us to learn about our fellow Lecs, and remind ourselves that We Are the Union!

This week, meet Kirsten Herold, Lecturer in the School of Public Health Writing Lab on Ann Arbor campus. Kirsten is the elected Vice President of LEO and thus sits on our Union Council, overseeing most of what happens at LEO. Including our bevy of vibrant committees—let us know if you’re interested in getting involved in a union committee here!

herold_kirsten - Kirsten Herold.jpg

What's your name?

Kirsten Herold

What do you teach and on which campus?

School of Public Health Writing Lab, Ann Arbor

How long have you taught at the University of Michigan?

Since 1992

What was your first experience with unions or the first time you learned what a union was?

In Denmark most work places are closed shop, so you have to sign up as soon as you start in a new workplace.

How are you involved with LEO (e.g., union committees, membership meetings, socials, bargaining, etc.)?

Union Council, the elected leadership of LEO, as VP

If you're on a committee, why do you think other LEO members should join it?

You have to run first. But it is a way to involved in everything that is happening.

Current obsession?

Robert Mueller

What’s a favorite book, movie, and/or TV show that you've enjoyed in the past few years?

H is for Hawk

What would you like to eat for your last meal?


If you could teach something in another discipline for a semester, what would you teach?

History of the Balkans

Your personal fight song--the one that gets you fired up to fight the good fights?

It is Danish, so never mind

Favorite slogan from our 2018 contract campaign?

Respect the Lecs.

LEO Communications Committee