Every: Bargaining update, Facebook post, Tweet, blog post, press release, video, flier, meme... That you saw this year was the hard work of members of our Communications Committee. A group of around 12 of us met almost every week throughout this contract campaign to plan our comms strategy, maintain our social media, work with the press, and keep our union informed.

We gotta say - we are TIRED!

We’re taking a break. For the next three weeks, please expect a greatly reduced presence on our Facebook, Twitter, and blog. The committee is taking this time to regroup and update all of our online materials to reflect changes in the contract and union strategy moving forward. Things to look forward to when we come back are a revamped website, new branding for non-contract campaign years, and more.

In the meantime, don’t despair - there’s plenty to mark on your calendars until we fill your feeds once more. Check out the graphic below for upcoming events/actions with which we’d like to leave you.

Perhaps the most important thing to do the second you read this message is to go here: and sign up to check out a committee and possibly join one yourself.

What we learned this year is that we are definitively stronger when we work together. The Communications Committee held one another up through moments of exhaustion, frustration, and jubilation as we fought for the contract we deserved. This fight is our fight - join us and let’s stand #unionstrong#respectthelecs

^Right click and save this image to use the LEO logo on your syllabus.

^Right click and save this image to use the LEO logo on your syllabus.