Real-Time Updates on LEO Bargaining 6.20

For those of you without social media, check back on this post for updates on where and when bargaining is happening today. Today is our last bargaining session before tomorrow's regents' meeting and budget vote. Bargaining on Wednesday, June 20 is located in the School of Social Work Building on Central Campus in Ann Arbor.

UPDATE 11:45 PM: With midnight in sight, bargaining has halted until 10:30 tomorrow (Thursday) morning, when it will resume at Academic HR, probably the South Room, in the Administrative Services Building on the corner on Hoover and Greene (1009 Greene St.). Let's see whether admin is willing to make the moves necessary to offer an acceptable proposal by the time the Regents' Meeting begins at 3:30 PM! Tick-tock, tick-tock!

UPDATE 8:37PM: We haven't gone to the table today, but updates/reports continue to trickle in via small group or sidebar discussions. Members are still welcome to check in with us and see what's going on. Signs are posted at School of Social Work building entrances for you to call someone to let you in. Join us in the caucus room - B780 (basement level) in the School of Social Work. There's still food!

UPDATE 5:15PM: Small group is over for now, but we are not going back to the table yet. Lecturers are enjoying dinner from Arbor Farms together. With high turnout, it's a real party. Stop by to say hi. Join us in the caucus room - B780 (basement level) in the School of Social Work. Bargaining will be in Room 1840 if/when it resumes.

UPDATE 3:54PM: Our caucus room has been relocated from Room 3752 to the basement of the School of Social Work building, Room B780. The bargaining room is still Room 1840, the Educational Conference Center. We have not gone to the table with both bargaining teams yet, a small group is currently happening. When you arrive head to the caucus room in the basement.