On Striking Through

The writer Annie Dillard tells the story of the time she learned to split wood with an ax. She couldn't do it till she realized that you needed to aim at the ground beneath the wood--not at the wood itself. Only then could she strike with the necessary intensity. It seems like a law of adult life: everything hits at once. The month when your students need you the most is also the week when your volunteer commitments heat up, your boss at your side gig imposes twenty deadlines, the kids need you to go to their school play (or their rally to save America from gun-worship), and the LEO contract negotiations that may save you from that side gig get pretty crazy too.

But with all this, it's important not to forget the bread-and-butter activity of a contract campaign: Going to bargaining! Friday is our last open bargaining session of the year, meaning you can invite your students, spouses, tenure-track friends, and other allies.

A big turnout on a day like this lets the administration know, as we go into a weekend that very likely eventuates in a strike, that LEO stands united, and that we carry the support of our allies.

Let's keep the pressure on through the weekend. Let's aim at the ground beneath.