GMMs: What They Are and Why You REALLY NEED TO BE THERE


OK, We’ve reached the point in the process when things are going to happen VERY quickly, and we all need to be on the same page. In these CRUCIAL NEXT FOUR WEEKS, the most important way we achieve consensus about how to proceed is at a series of GMMs --General Membership Meetings. Note: Each of these meetings happen on each campus, and you can go to whatever meeting is most convenient for you--you do not have to attend a meeting at the campus on which you teach.

Here’s what will happen, when, in what order, and how you have a say in our actions:

Meeting 1:

At the first GMMs we talk about our proposals and administration's counter-proposals to date. We'll also talk about how to increase our chances to win a fair contract, and which proposals as a group we will stand behind together until we win (what matters most to us as a bargaining unit, what we can live with, etc.). Ann Arbor's first GMM is TOMORROW, Tuesday, 3/13, 7-8:30p at the Annenberg Auditorium, Ford School of Public Policy, 735 S. State Street.


Meeting 2:

In the second meetings, 7-10 days later, we will review further bargaining progress and make a decision about whether to send members an electronic ballot; this ballot would request giving the bargaining team authorization to call for a two-day job walkout in early April if significant progress isn't made. If the ballot is sent out 3/25, we'll have the results on 3/28. A majority of votes cast will determine the election results.


Meeting 3:

The third meetings will be held the first week in April. We'll hear the status of bargaining and, if the electronic ballot resulted in a "yes" vote, we'll again take a vote of members present about which of the following things we should do:

  1. accept the proposed contract,
  2. walk out, or
  3. take a third course of action, such as continuing to organize members and allies over the summer for escalating action in the Fall.

Here’s why you need to be at each of these meetings: They’re where our next major decisions happen.

The opinion and participation of all lecturers is critical over the next five weeks.

We are within reach of a very strong contract, and like we’ve been saying this whole year: We will only get what we are organized to win. Let’s show up and decide as a union what we’re willing to accept.