Bargaining Update, 1/26

LEO Bargaining Update for January 26, 2018: The weather was unseasonably warm at bargaining last Friday, and your bargaining team took advantage. A group of us made several vigorous loops around the track outside Palmer Commons at lunchtime. We needed the fresh air to clear our heads while grinding out a few partial Yeses and hearing plenty of Nos in our negotiations with management.

We moved closer to finding agreement on our proposal for disability accommodation. The latest counter proposal from management recognizes our core concern that Lecturers seeking disability accommodation should have recourse to a university official independent of their direct supervisor. This proposal will especially benefit newly-hired Lecs concerned about protecting their privacy when submitting an accommodation request in an unfamiliar workplace.

The administration granted our proposal to require that academic units publicly list all Employees, no matter how part-time, on the department web site, as they now do for tenure-track faculty. This proposal is about ensuring basic respect, and it is unfortunately necessary since we have departments who now exclude Lecturers from the public directory of faculty members (or list them as staff!).

However, the administration rejected many of our proposals.

Most significantly, they said NO to our proposal to move more part-time Lecs into fulltime positions by requiring academic units to offer new courses to current or laid-off Employees before they post for outside hires. As usual, they struck out everything without much explanation. But given the importance of this issue to so many of our LIs—who make up almost half of all LEO faculty!—we will continue to advocate for it strongly.

The administration also said NO to our demand to give Lecturers a vote and voice in their departments. They said NO to our proposal to eliminate the practice of units defining posted LIII positions so narrowly (we think deliberately) as to disqualify current LIs and IIs from applying.

Despite some NOs, our strategy is working! Last Friday, 68 Lecturers packed Palmer Commons. Many of them attended bargaining for the first time.

Next week, on Friday, February 2, we will again meet at Palmer Commons on Central Campus from 9am to 5pm; we bargain on the 4th floor in one of the Great Lakes rooms (see signs!), and caucus/ discuss in Boardroom 4 on the 6th floor – so if we are not in one, we are in the other, all day!

The administration will respond to our proposals on Appointments, Layoffs, and Performance Review, parts of the contract that affect every Lecturer.

Let’s all of us show up and demand more. We’re worth more.

--Your Bargaining Team