Bargaining Update, 1/12

Another bargaining session, another frustrating day at the table. In a nutshell, management is saying NO to most of our proposals—even proposals that would benefit students, the administration, other faculty, and our members at no cost!

They aren't demonstrating that they're taking us seriously with these moves. How do we make them take us seriously? We have to increase pressure on them constantly, and the way to do that at this point is to get bodies in the room. We show up, en masse.

Join us this week (January 19, Palmer Commons) to express your support for a really good contract.

So, what kind of “beneficial for all” proposal did Administration say “No” to recently? One example of was our proposal that all schools and colleges should conduct a vote (no later than Winter of 2019) on whether to give lecturers governance rights, as stipulated in the Regents’ Bylaws.  They also unbelievably denied our proposal that lecturers must be listed on department websites and physical signs as faculty members (rather than listed as staff or not at all). How many more times should we have to listen to their long explanations about how such a basic sign of recognition and respect somehow does not belong in our contract? Let’s nip that in the bud by showing up, en masse.

We did make some limited progress on our proposal to clarify how lecturers may request disability accommodations.   On our side, we presented a proposal expanding and tweaking the Collegiate Lecturer awards to more explicitly include LIIs – who are included now but rarely win them, due to the criteria favoring IVs.  We also proposed an MoU about what happens when a Lecturer I or II is doing the work of a Lecturer III or IV for more than two years (hint: they are reclassified into their proper title). How do we communicate that we are dead serious about these perfectly reasonable demands for respect? We show up, en masse.

Most proposals are in management’s court at this point (i.e. we made the most recent proposal).

This Friday, we start at 9 am hearing their benefits proposals. We have proposed various improvements, including these:

  • Expanding benefits eligibility to those who average 50% for the year, so folks don’t keep going in and out of benefits eligibility
  • Paid benefits during a one-year unpaid leave for long-serving lecs
  • Childcare benefit
  • Enhanced parental leave, especially for recently hired lecturers who don’t qualify for long-term sick pay
  • Summer benefits bridge for those who were first hired in winter, who have a confirmed appointment for the following fall

They will take us seriously when we keep increasing the pressure. When we show up, en masse. Stop by bargaining this Friday to show your support for these proposals. Once again, 4th and 6thfloor of Palmer Commons, Ann Arbor is where the action is; we start at 9 or soon thereafter and usually end about 5 PM. Stopping by at any time during the day to demonstrate your support would be great. And LEO will be hosting a Welcome Back Social & Bargaining Update this Friday after bargaining.

Let’s show them how serious we are.

--LEO Bargaining team