Bargaining Update, 2/12

Bargaining Update (proceeds):

Dear Colleagues,

This evening your bargaining team and 30 lecturer colleagues found their way to the Ad Services building to FINALLY receive management’s response to our salary proposal.  Every lecturer should be insulted and outraged by what they proposed and the rationale they provided.

In a nutshell, they are happy to keep exploiting us.  Minimum starting salaries would go up by $1000, $750, and $500 over the three years on all three campuses.  Annual raises in Ann Arbor would be an abysmal 1.5% a year, with Flint and Dearborn remaining tied to the tenure-track faculty.  Most insultingly, they professed to have no interest in any kind of longevity raises or equity or merit adjustment for lecturers who have already had their two major reviews.  Instead we are expected to lose ground every year due to increased health care and living costs.  This is how they reward our dedication.

Our members in the room were stunned and furious.  Even after hearing members’ stories of how they cannot pay back their student debt, struggle to pay rent, and need to take outside jobs like driving for Uber, management simply cites the market as their justification for this continued exploitation.  They ignore the fact that while Lecs’ starting salaries have gone up by a mere 11% in the past fourteen years, student tuition has gone up by roughly 90% in the same period.  In other words, each year, they make more off our work.

Outraged? Come to the grade-in on Thursday in the Michigan Union from 1-3:30 and then attend the Regents’ meeting in the Anderson Room, wearing your LEO TShirt (we will have extras). Come for any time that you can between 1 and 5pm.

Disgusted?  Come to bargaining on Friday February 16 at Palmer Commons (10am-5pm) to show management’s team that this is NOT OK.

Fed up? Give your students an opportunity to take action in solidarity with you – attend Regents’ meetings, write letters to the President and Provost, and attend open bargaining sessions – by showing them this prepared presentation: (

--Your bargaining team

Hope everyone was able to enjoy and/or otherwise put the unexpected free hours to good use yesterday!

As you know, Friday's bargaining was cancelled due to the weather. To make up some of the lost time, we will meet with management on Monday evening, 6-9 pm, at the South Room, Administrative Services Building (corner of Hoover and Greene), near the football stadium. Parking should be plentiful either in the stadium lots or in a small metered lot across the street. Lecturers are welcome to attend.

We will be receiving management's long-awaited response to our salary proposal (which we submitted at the end of October), as well as our proposals on professional development, collegiate lecturer awards, and disability accommodations. We will be presenting proposals on appointments and layoff and recall.

--Your bargaining team