Bargaining 2/9 CANCELLED


Remember when we were kids, and we LOVED snow days? Sadly, today is one of those days when we wish it had held off 'til the weekend.  

Due to the weather, bargaining today is cancelled. The Dearborn campus is closed, and although we considered having it in Ann Arbor, we made a mutual decision that the roads were too dicey to risk it.

This is a big disappointment for a couple of reasons: our Dearborn members and staff have done an amazing job creating excitement on the Dearborn campus among members and student and faculty allies.  In addition, we were supposed to hear their response to our salary proposal.  We will plan to be back in Dearborn later this spring -- date TBA.

Many thanks to our wonderful allies, who were ready to stand with us in our first open bargaining session. Not all is lost, though--we'll get our open bargaining days still.

To make up for some of the lost ground, we will have a short bargaining session in Ann Arbor, Monday evening 6-9 pmThis session will NOT be open to allies, but others will.

Be safe today--consider making snow angels rather than driving in this mess!


Details TBA, hopefully later today.

Your bargaining team