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DBN open bargaining feb 9
DBN open bargaining feb 9

UM Non Tenure Track and Tenure Faculty, Students, and Staff, as well as Local Unions and Politicians are invited to LEO Open Bargaining on Feb 9 on the Dearborn Campus. Community members are invited to stand with LEO as advocates for an equitable Lecturer contract. 

Why now?

Well, here’s another question:

What calculates to nearly 7% of the Lecturers on the Dearborn campus?

The answer to that leads to yet another question.

What does it mean to be a dedicated and accomplished Lecturer?

It’s hard to tell when you find out 7% is the percentage of Lec III appointments at Dearborn.

Check out the breakdown below.

Dearborn Lecturer Appointments

Lec IV…………........9%

Lec III……………....7%

Lec II………............43%

Lec I………….....….29%


I’m a Lec I, part of that 29%. In a few more semesters, a Lec II appointment could be offered to me. And after that, there are few options for my discipline other than to say, “Keep up the outstanding work.” I’ll keep up the work and continue to elevate student writing, while preparing them for upper level coursework and challenging internships and careers.

But without each discipline opening up lines for advancement, Lecturers will continue to be outstanding, but lose faith that management recognizes and values all that we offer. Do you think the breakdown above might be one of the reasons why Dearborn has the highest turnover rate among Lecturers of all 3 campuses - 40% of Lecturers starting out (LIs) don’t return each academic year.

You know what you’ve accomplished as an instructor and a contributor to your field. You know the publications, the conferences, the dissertation you worked the heck out of and defended like a champ! I’m not anywhere near the most published Lec in my department. I’m not the most anything out of the Lecs in my department. One of my contributions is that I've taught Writing and Rhetoric to nearly 350 students, not including the students enrolled in the four classes I’m teaching this term. What can't possibly be calculated, but is incredibly important to me, are all the office hours I’ve voluntarily devoted to student success. The office hours that have not only taken place in my actual office but have stretched far beyond any set schedule in order to offer student guidance by email, through Canvas, and over Skype.

It’s your turn now. What are all the amazing things you’ve done to effect positive change on this campus? Scream it out: those unique qualifications on your CV, your role as an advisor to a student organization, the internship program you coordinate!

The administration will have their chance to let us know what they think about our accomplishments. We expect in one of the upcoming bargaining sessions to receive the administration’s response to some areas of the union proposal on improved job security for LIs and LIIIs; more year-long appointments, earlier notice dates, and full-time jobs; recognition of the service of LIs and LIIs; open-ended appointments for long-serving Lecturers; and no more reviews after the first Continuing Renewal Review.

Make sure the administration is paying attention to our hard work and to our allies.

Here’s how you, along with all members of the University of Michigan and the greater community, can shine the brightest of lights on our daily contributions and semester to semester advancements.

Lecturers: Show up at bargaining on February 2 from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm in Palmer Commons at Ann Arbor.

Lecturers & Community Allies: Join LEO organizers at the Community Forum this Thursday, February 1 from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm in Kochoff Hall B, University Center (UC), Dearborn.

Lecturers & Community Allies: Show up at our FIRST OPEN BARGAINING session, when Lecturers viewing the negotiations will be joined by UM Faculty (Non Tenure Track and Tenure), Students, and Staff on February 9 from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm in Kochoff Hall B, University Center (UC), Dearborn.

On Thursday, Feb 1, LEO hosted a Community & Allies Forum at UM-Dearborn. Our supporters are all around campus and throughout the region, and they want to transform their knowledge and solidarity into action.

The time is now for community members to stand with LEO and discuss the many important ways they can be advocates for an equitable Lecturer contract. The upcoming Community & Allies Forum welcomes UM Non Tenure Track and Tenure Faculty, Students, and Staff, as well as Local Unions and Politicians.

Dearborn Community Forum Flier
Dearborn Community Forum Flier