A Clean Slate

If you're anything like me, you have a list of New Years' resolutions long and complex enough to rival one of those Norwegian crime novels they're always selling at Costco. (Not that I've ever read one. Too busy! Resolutions!) My plans for 2018 include the doable (run three times a week), the ambitious (average an essay a month), and the insane (washboard abs). But in terms of my career security, the most important resolution I've made is to be in the room where my future is being decided, starting tomorrow, January 5, in Palmer Commons.

We're bargaining every Friday in January from 9-5. (More on February-April dates as those approach.) I teach on Fridays, but I intend to be there every minute I'm not in the classroom. Everybody doesn't need to make that level of commitment (I don't, for example, live far away from campus, or have small children at home). But find the hour or two that you can commit and spend it with us. Bring stuff to grade, or paperwork to fill out.

Nothing you can do as a single individual will improve your job security as much as a decent contract.