On 1/5/18, LEO returns to the table!


As we say goodbye to the surreal and exhausting 2017, let’s greet the new year with renewed determination to win fairness and justice in our workplace. Please mark your calendars for January 5, 2018 (less than a week away!), when your union returns to the table!

On January 5, we will convene from 9am to 5pm in the Great Lakes North Conference Room (6th Floor) in Palmer Commons on Central Campus in Ann Arbor.

We have some easy and not-so-easy matters to discuss with management next Friday.

First, the easy. We will sign two articles: Article VI on Union-Employer Conferences and Article VII on Scheduling and Reduction in Appointment for Union Representatives.

Now the hard stuff—but made easier if turnout is BIG.

We will deliver a new version of Article V or “Union Rights.” Presently, the administration treats LEO like it’s an outside entity, rather than the union representing 1660 faculty members, in the way it grants access to basic university resources, like office space and printing. We hope to change that with our Article V.

We will also present our latest proposal on Layoff and Recall (Article XII), with earlier notice dates for LIs and the right to keep your recall rights, even if you turn down an assignment for cause (for example if the class meets at a time when the lecturer is teaching elsewhere.  

Finally, we will present new arguments concerning Article XI on appointments and major reviews. Last time we met, on December 15, the administration rejected our proposals to redefine the LIII title to protect LIs/LIIs who are required or strongly encouraged (read: coerced) by their units into doing LIII work (i.e., service and research) but without the corresponding title and compensation. The administration did not believe this was a serious problem affecting many departments. We know that it is, and we intend to tell them. (If you have a story to tell and feel comfortable sharing it, please get in touch with alex@leounion.org.) At 1:00PM, right after lunch, a lecturer from the Stamps School of Art & Design will address administration about their own experience with required research commitments under the LI title. 

The administration has also rejected our proposals concerning Continuing Renewal Reviews. We want to end reviews in perpetuity and instead have only one CRR and an open-ended contract. After meeting with them in small group, we think we can make progress on an issue of great importance for long-serving Lecs.

Management refuses to tell us when we should expect to receive a counterproposal to our economic proposals, which we presented back on October 27th.  

Next Friday, let’s start the new year off right. Please join LEO – and bring at least two coworkers! – at Palmer Commons on January 5. Lunch will be available from 12-1pm.

You can register here.

~Alex Elkins