Bargaining Update, 12/15

This is our last blog post until after the holidays--get some rest in the way-too-brief break!

Our final bargaining session of the year took place on a cold and snowy Friday (Dec. 15th) in Pierpont Commons on North Campus. Once again, we had great turnout -- more than 50 lecs, many from North Campus, took time off from grading and attended part or all of the day. (By the way, someone left a very attractive green hat in the room -- please contact to retrieve it).

The main events of the day were that management gave us response on our layoff article. On the layoff article, they agreed to increase compensation for cancelled spring and summer classes, which was positive. But they have no interest in our various proposals to improve job security for LIs. They also rejected, quite angrily, a proposal coming from some of our language departments that lecturers be asked for feedback in the review of their supervisors and that the feedback be communicated to the review committee. It seems to us a shared interest that we should have good supervision -- but judging from their reaction, this would somehow challenge the entire academic hierarchy. We will continue to speak on this topic.


We also presented our second go on Appointments and Performance Reviews (for which we had received responses the previous week). We noted that in many cases they acknowledged that we were trying to address legitimate problems, yet they just crossed out our language, with no counterproposals of their own. We continue to assert that continuing renewals reviews till the day we retire are a waste of time and that once someone successfully completes a remediation plan they should not have to undergo yet another major review. We think there is a lot of review fatigue in departments around the U and that there are many other ways to supervise than to conduct regular reviews.

Finally, we had a very effective presentation from a member in Computer Science and Engineering who explained to management why it is important to have a title like teaching professor as a possible incentive for recruiting new lecturers. We hope to see movement on this point soon.

Bargaining will resume Friday, January 5 in Palmer Commons. Have a great and well-earned break and happy holidays to all, if you are so inclined.

In Solidarity,

LEO Bargaining Team