North Campus? Seriously?

Yes, that's right, this Friday's Bargaining Meeting is in Pierpont Commons on the Ann Arbor North Campus from 9am-3pm (when you get to Pierpont, go to the info desk to find out where the bargaining and caucus rooms are). Now you may be thinking, I don't even know anything about North Campus, how could I possibly have any fun going there!? Well, in addition to the good times that any bargaining session offers, here are some other suggestions for making your visit even more enjoyable... take a walk around and see if you can find these gems...

  • The Bell tower: it's a carillon, the bells can be played like an organ by someone sitting inside. Seems like it's not much to see, but still cool while you're walking around The Grove.
  • ENIAC: the biggest remaining piece of the first computer is on display inside the vestibule of the Bob and Betty Beyster building, the entrance off The Grove. The helix-shaped staircase inside is pretty cool too. And also, it's the best name for a building ever.
  • The 3 Cubes in a Seven Axis Relationship sculpture is in front of the main entrance to the G.G. Brown Building. Watch the video to learn more!

3 Cubes In A Seven Axis Relationship - G. G. Brown Sculpture


  • The World's largest Rubik's Cube, inside the lobby of the G.G. Brown Building.
rubix cube
rubix cube

See You Friday on North Campus!

(This Friday is the last session for the semester; bargaining will resume on Jan 5 in Palmer Commons on Central Campus. Put all of the dates for next semester on your calendar: see the list of Upcoming Events on the right side of this page.)