Winter Term Planning Pro-Tips

Even as we wind up the Fall 2017 semester, many of us are developing our syllabi and courses in Winter 2018. As you prepare your classes, here are some suggestions for helping students learn about the broader context of the U.S. higher education system and the Lecturers and other professionals who provide them with a prestigious education at U of M. Do you have suggestions or resources about this? Please share them in the comments!

  • Include your rank as Lecturer in the instructor information section of your syllabus. Example:


Instructor: YOUR NAME - LEO Lecturer of XXXX

Contact information: BAT SIGNAL

Office Hours: 24/7

Some facts about Lecturers you could share with your students:

  • When introducing yourself on the first day, explain that your teaching title is Lecturer. You may wish to describe differences between the teaching positions, such as GSIs, Lecturers, Tenure-Track faculty, etc.
  • As Lecturers, our primary focus is on classroom instruction, though many of us do research, publish, perform, or present our work in professional venues. Mention your education, research interests, or expertise.
  • Lecturers teach 56% of student credit hours on the Flint campus, 51% on the Dearborn campus, and 33% in Ann Arbor.
  • LEO is the union of non-tenure track faculty at all three UM campuses. Since forming in 2003, LEO has lobbied to increase public funding for higher education.
  • We support efforts to reduce student debt and to keep education affordable.
  • We support smaller classes, so that students receive more individualized attention.
  • We have worked with students organizations on different initiatives such to end sweatshop practices at the University of Michigan.

*More Info can be found at or You can click on the link at the top of the blog page to see "The Bunsis Report" and learn more about revenue, expenses, and the roles of LEO Lecturers from a financial analysis at UM. And you can find LEO on social media: "Follow" the blog to receive email updates, find LEO on Twitter (@LEOUnionUmich) and Facebook (

AND while you're thinking ahead, don't forget the first bargaining session in the Winter term is January 5th, at Palmer Commons. We need to be there!