Bargaining Update, 12/8

Howdy, y'all! Today we proposed a new section in the Faculty Support article based on a very simple idea: accommodating lecturers with disabilities is a moral necessity for a diverse public university. So we offered language to establish policies and procedures by which lecturers with disabilities can more easily request and receive reasonable accommodations.

Management gave us a counterproposal on Articles XI (Appointments, Major Review, and Renewal) and XIX (Performance Reviews), beginning what we anticipate will be a long back and forth. The gist of their counterproposals are that our current situation is basically fine and needs only a few small changes. In other words:

  • We should should continue to be reviewed every few years for the entirety of our lives.
  • Painful and draining remediation reviews should be followed immediately by another onerous round of full major reviews.
  • Lec I's should be happy being strung along semester by semester.
  • Lecturers not granted renewal or promotions shouldn't need written explanations for management's decisions.
  • Management has "no interest in expanding the number of working titles that can be put into the system," even though many of our lecturers have great interest in being reclassified as "Teaching Professors."

We were happy to see that they did support our proposal that upon mutual agreement of both parties, lecturers could opt to do a major review while on layoff (meaning at least those giant review packets can be compiled in the absence of grading papers), that the academic unit is responsible for initiating classroom observations required for reviews, and that adjunct lecturers should be able to get to their reviews more quickly.


The document they handed us replaced 99% of our suggested major changes to these articles with the old contract language.

These articles are major for us, and we think we can win, so we won't give up easily on them. We hope you won't either.

Our question is: Do you agree that the status quo is acceptable? If not, what are you prepared to do about it?

See you next Friday, 9AM at Pierpont Commons (North Campus).

In solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team