"Oh, Man, I'm Busy During Bargaining Days! How Else Can I Help?"

Of course every one of you wants to come to bargaining on Friday. But life under late capitalism is super-busy, and we all have twenty scheduling conflicts a day to manage. (I'm skipping six worthy things just to write this post.) So maybe you teach all day, or you're out of town. That's OK! You can still help us out in a huge way this week! How's tomorrow look for you?

Here's how my Thursday, December 7, looks. At 4PM, I'll be heading to the Anderson Room of the Michigan Union, to support the Umich lecturers who will speak at the regents' meeting. I'll be wearing my LEO T-shirt and standing near my lecturer colleagues.

The regents a) have a lot of power; b) probably don't know much about our situation; c) may in some cases be somewhat sympathetically disposed toward us; d) will definitely take us more seriously if we look like the kind of organization that can manage a large turnout. So pop in for a while. If you don't have a LEO T-shirt, walk over to headquarters (339 Liberty) and get yourself one; they're free and they look cool.

Phil Christman

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