Once More Unto the Phones, Dear Friends

https://twitter.com/B_Ehrenreich/status/931934347699073027 Tomorrow I'll post some reasons why I'm grateful to be working as an LEO Lecturer at Michigan, but first: y'all, this GOP tax plan is trash.

First of all, it's a massive wealth transfer from the poor and middle-class to the rich, full stop. If your family makes between $10,000 and $75,000 a year, your taxes will, on average, actually go up. 

I've talked here and here and here and here about all the ways this administration has tried to kill Obamacare, which (flawed as it is) most of us are reliant on in one way or another. The Trump Tax Scam is, in part, another stealth attempt at repeal. So there's that.

Adding another layer of insult: This bill was drafted by people who really hate grad students. Remember your tuition waiver? This bill treats it as income. (What it actually is is a formality that allows universities to keep getting two-to-ten-years of cheap labor from earnestly committed young intellectuals, without having to change the sticker price of the credentials universities hoard access to.) So people who are already poor will see their taxes rise by 300 to 400 percent because of the phantom "income" of a tuition waiver.

Congress might as well just hang up a sign that says "We hate intellectual endeavor unless it is pursued by the idle rich."

Call your Congresspeople. And tell your friends in red states to call theirs. This bill is an insult to all of us.