Bargaining Update, 11/17


We had another great bargaining day in Dearborn! More than 60 members showed up, as well as several allies, among them student org Dearborn Pride, student government representatives, members from our brothers and sisters local at Henry Ford College, State Senator David Knezek, and Taylor Monday and Dave Dobbie from AFT Michigan.

It was great to see LEO President Emerita Bonnie Halloran at our lunchtime rally, where she and other allies spoke out. We were especially moved by the emphatic and emotional speeches by leaders from Dearborn Pride and Student Government. (They have also agreed to post their speeches on LEO Matters as guest bloggers, so look for those soon!)


Administration submitted a proposal changing what was formerly the Union Security article in an attempt to bring the contract into line with the Right to Work laws, which have been instituted since we signed our last contract. We’ll be submitting our own proposal next bargaining session, which is DECEMBER 1 in Ann Arbor at Palmer Commons, 9-5pm.

We submitted proposals on layoff and recall, as well as a multitude of benefits articles. Our main goals were increased stability for LI’s and part-time lecturers in general in terms of appointments and benefits. Put simply, we want more people covered by health insurance, and we want people to keep their coverage, even if they lose a class or two.

We also asked for expanded benefits for parents, including a child-care subsidy and paid time off for those unavailable for long-term sick pay--non birth parents included!

A member from Ann Arbor spoke movingly about the ways that the high cost of childcare can quickly eat up an entire Lecturer’s salary, in some cases causing lecturers to lose money in order to do their jobs.

It was an emotional day that provided management with insight into the real effects of lecturers’ salaries. The strength of our membership who showed up and the wide support of allies in our community was heartening. Let’s keep the momentum going!

In solidarity,

LEO Bargaining Team