Turn up! Show up! It’s our chance to make noise in Dearborn!

When: Friday  Nov 17  9 am - 5 pm
Where: University Center (UC), Kochoff Hall B, University of Michigan Dearborn

We’ve shared stories and taped fliers to our doors. And now the time has come. November 17th is our only chance this year to gather on the Dearborn campus and let the administration see our commitment to getting Lecturers a fair contract.

If you’ve been on the Dearborn campus over the last few weeks there’s a good chance you’ve spoken with me, or Alex, or both me and Alex. It’s during these conversations at the LEO luncheons and meetings, or as we walk the hallways to class, that I feel the strength of our unity.

Yesterday, we set up a table in the University Center. Students stopped by and asked what it means to be a Lecturer, others already knew the distinction in title but had not realized the difference in salary, benefits, job security. When we gave them the lowdown, one after another shook their head in dismay.

U of M students and their diligence and creativity in the classroom have become some of the most significant reasons why I teach here. And yesterday, by simply reading the facts, our friendly students became enthusiastic advocates.

Many asked how they can show their support. The rally on November 17th is the place to be.

Who? You! Yes, you! Me? Yes, me too! Lecturers, Students, Alumni, Tenure-Track Faculty, Staff, Campus Organizations, and members throughout the community have the chance to join in solidarity at the rally at 12pm noon in the University Center at Kochoff Hall B.

Lecturers are welcome inside the bargaining room at 9am and throughout the day.