Momentum Matters, Flint Matters, You Matter

In the wake of the very well-attended (135+ members and allies, at last count) and highly successful bargaining kickoff at Pierpont Commons on U-M Ann Arbor's North Campus, contract negotiations between LEO and the administration will move to Michigan Rooms C & D on the first floor of UM-Flint's Harding Mott University Center (UCEN). UM-Flint is where over half (56%) of all student credit-hours are taught by lecturers. They shape the educational journeys of vast numbers of students, especially in the first two years. This Friday, UM-Flint is the place to be.

LEO Lecturers are fighting for fair salaries, stronger job security, and expanded access to health care for all LEO Lecturers — almost 1700 of us. If each one of us shows up at even one negotiating session, even if only for an hour, then zowie! That's going to make a tremendous impression. That's going to prove that the handfuls of people at the bargaining table aren't the only ones who care about making the changes we need and deserve. We need to keep the momentum going, to show that last week wasn't a fluke. Once again — This Friday especially, it's time for Flint to shine!

This particular session will initiate discussions on a wealth of topics:

  • performance evaluations (Article XIX);
  • appointments, major review, and renewal (Article XI);
  • full-time opportunities for lecturers (Memorandum of Understanding #2);
  • job posting, hiring, and notifications (Article XXVII);
  • and layoff, reduction in effort, and recall (Article XII).

If you have a copy of the current contract,  you can follow along! If you don't yet have a copy, consider downloading a PDF from the link in the right sidebar.

What if you support LEO, but aren't technically part of the bargaining unit? What if you're an awesome ally but not a past or present U-M lecturer? True, during this year's negotiations, non-lecturers will only be allowed in the actual bargaining room on three days, and I believe we're still saving those special occasions for a bit later. But there's always the caucus room, where you're absolutely encouraged to sign the check-in sheet and get counted; to grab LEO swag like buttons and stickers; to check out the social-media, letter-writing, and selfie-portrait stations; to hear our bargaining team and their audience debrief about the proceedings; and to express your own feedback and support. We can't do this alone!

We need your presence, your bodies, your hearts, your minds, your voices, your faces, your stories. We need you. And if you're a U-M lecturer, too, then we are you. So let's fight for us together.

Will you be at UM-Flint on Friday? Will you stand with the rest of us? Will you support us in our struggle? Especially if you work at UM-Flint, especially if you live in or near Flint, this is your principal opportunity this semester to show up and show that you matter, to show both sides of the table that you care about better, fairer working conditions for all U-M lecturers — full-time, part-time, intermittent, or adjunct.

Please RSVP your attendance on Friday to Bill Emory (Flint Campus Organizer) at (This will help the staff know things like how much lunch to order, as well as help keep track of how much support we might have!)

Driving to Flint? Want a ride to Flint? Please go to by 12:00 noon on Thursday, November 2, to let folks know about carpooling availability and need.