TODAY AT 3PM: Informational Picket at CC Little Building!

A note to amplify our friends at Faculty for Justice. We hope to see lots of LEO members there!:

Dear Colleagues,

This is a reminder to please join us today, Thursday, October 5, at 3pm in front of the West entrance of the building currently known as"CC Little" for an informational picket.
Those present will share information with passersby about CC Little’s advocacy for eugenics and promotion of anti-miscegenation laws. In picketing, we hope to build support for the renaming of the building and to amplify the demands that students of color and faculty, who have petitioned the university, have already made. The informational picket will also serve as an occasion for faculty to show our solidarity more generally with the fight against racism, white supremacy, and state-sanctioned violence against black people and people of color.
Attached is a leaflet with some information about CC Little and about the petition to rename the building. If you have the time, we would like to encourage you to make signs.
In solidarity,

Meena Krishnamurthy, Amanda Armstrong-Price, Antoine Traisnel