How Michiganders Can Help Kill Trumpcare AGAIN

Hello, colleagues. I'm going to blog more about workflow and productivity for academics this week, but first I want to remind you that the Graham-Cassidy bill moving through Congress this week is a threat to your and your families' health, safety, and life. And even though both of Michigan's Senators have committed to voting against it, we can still do something to move the needle in other states, too. Indivisible has set up a simple tool by which you can call folks in other states whose Senators may be tempted to vote yes on this thing. Indivisible also gives you a simple script you can use. It takes a few minutes to set up and you can work from home. It's here. Do a few calls today; we need all hands on deck. I'm also told that Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, a potential "Yes" on the bill, is welcoming calls from out of state: (202)-224-6665. Call and maybe remind her that Planned Parenthood funding, a priority of hers, will be slashed by Graham-Cassidy.

If you know anybody in our neighboring Ohio personally, reach out to them and ask them to call Senator Rob Portman, another potential "Yes": (202) 224-3353