Support EMU Lecturers! (Part 2)

EMUFT asks the community, students, alumni, and all Michigan taxpayers to let EMU know how it should treat its teachers. Here’s how to get involved and demand a fair contract for Lecturers:

  • Call EMU President Smith at 734-487-2211 and insist that a fair contract for PTLs is a positive and strategic initiative on campus
  • Call the Provost at 734-487-3200 and insist that she invest in Part Time Lecturers
  • Come support EMUFT at bargaining! Meet in G12B Boone Hall at EMU: Tuesday, 8/29 from 4pm - 9pm Wednesday, 8/30 from 5pm - 9pm
  • Come support EMUFT on Fri., 9/1, 11am-1pm at the Support Teaching Labor EMUFT informational Picket. Meet at EMU Student Center near the pond at 11am
  • Sign and share the Petition.

After more than five months of negotiations, EMU Part Time Lecturers still do not have a contract. EMU administration’s proposals continue to slash job security for PTLs and give financial incentives to replace current lecturers with new hires at reduced pay. Over 600 EMUFT members teach nearly 50% of the credit hours at EMU, but receive only 10% of the pay allocation. EMU's proposed pay for new lecturers would result in less than $25,000/yr for full time teaching loads.

The EMU administration’s proposals undermine the material conditions of lecturers, many of whom teach full time loads but already earn a fraction of the salary paid to other faculty, and contradict EMU’s commitment to “Education First.” If a quality education for EMU students is the administration’s highest priority, the rate of pay and working conditions offered to instructors has to also be a priority.

EMUFT lecturers want fair wages, job security, and professional respect because Our Workplace is Our Student’s Learning Space. Please help support EMUFT Lecturers and demand a fair contract.

You can reach out to our staff organizer Tim Allen, or (313) 633-4487 or Daric Thorne with questions, or for ways that you can help the team!

[This material has been taken from the August 29 Facebook post of veteran lecturer and EMUFT member Jill Darling.]