Support EMU Lecturers! (Part 1)

After six months and more than 120 hours of negotiations, EMU administration’s proposals continue to slash job security for Part Time Lecturers, who teach 45% of the courses, and give clear financial incentives to hire new lecturers over existing PTLs. EMU’s lead negotiator insisted that monetarily the proposals are “literally everything we have.” and that they need to “establish an entry level tier that [they] can balance the budget on.”  This “entry level tier” is a pay cut of $450 per course taught. This “entry level tier” is below the first bargained rate by EMUFT in 2011.  Since 2011, tuition at EMU has increased 37%. Only 7% of the tuition revenue generated by a typical class goes towards PTL pay.  Something doesn't add up.

President Smith’s bio begins: “President Smith has led an active initial year at Eastern, undertaking many positive strategic initiatives.” Are gutting job security and cutting pay for the lowest paid teachers positive and strategic initiatives on campus? Call the President at 734-487-2211 and insist that a fair contract for Part Time Lecturers is a positive and strategic initiative on campus!  

Provost Longworth said upon her appointment, “Our committed faculty, staff and leadership team serve and inspire students day in, day out with their dedication and commitment.” Does this explain why we should accept devastating cuts for the lowest paid teachers on campus? Call the Provost at 734-487-3200 and demand her dedication and commitment to Part Time Lecturers through a fair contract!

By the way, head football coach Chris Creighton last month was offered a 2.5% raise every year until 2022, bringing his current base salary to $425,000, and President Jim Smith received a $60,000 raise over his predecessor when he was hired for $400,000 last summer. EMU is trying to balance the budget on the backs of the lowest paid teachers on campus while putting athletics and administration first!

[This material has been taken from AFT President David Hecker's August 28 email.]