Something You Can Still Do To Stop Trumpcare/Wealthcare

Yesterday, the Senate voted to begin debate on a bill* that could very well strip health insurance from 22 million Americans. I haven't always known what to do during the unfolding of the debate over Wealthcare (as activist Miriam Kaba aptly calls it). Like most readers of this blog post, I imagine, I have two senators who have rightly voted against this mess the whole way. I made the requisite phone calls to them, but it felt like a pointless gesture.

Well, here's a gesture that's not pointless--at least not for the next couple of hours. The good folks at Indivisible have set up a mechanism by which you can call folks in Nevada or West Virginia and beg them to beg their still-malleable Republican Senators to vote no on this thing. They give you a script, and you can make the phone calls right from home, then patch folks through to their Senators. It doesn't take any special equipment. If you've ever done phone banking with LEO, it's a very similar process.

I just did fifteen minutes. That's all I could handle, personally, before the physical symptoms of anxiety from talking to strangers became unbearable. But if I can do it for that long, so can you. Take a moment from your summer research and help kill this thing. Go here to get started.

(*Yes, it's actually not clear what the content is of the bill they're voting on. Basically they're trying to pass something so that it can all go back to committee. In that process, though, it appears the hard-line, let's-kill-Medicaid-while-we're-at-it wing of the Republican party will have all the negotiating advantage. So we really don't want the Senate to pass anything here, at all, period, full stop. More in-depth analysis here.