Protect Our Communities: Decline to Sign the Prevailing Wage Petition

Sisters, Brothers, Friends:

Be aware this summer. All local unions, members, and friends of the labor movement should be vigilant and educate their members about the attack on prevailing wage. Decline to sign the prevailing wage petition.

Signature gatherers are out across Michigan right now. They’re asking voters to sign a petition to repeal the Prevailing Wage Act of 1965. This repeal effort is an attack on Michigan’s workers, our families, and our security.

Repealing prevailing wage laws leads to:

  • Higher injury rates on construction sites

  • A less skilled and experienced workforce

  • Lower wages that push workers out of the middle-class

  • Less workforce training; a more dangerous workplace

  • Reduced healthcare and retirement coverage

Learn more about the importance of prevailing wage laws and find educational videos to show at your meetings here:

Here’s a link to a video about the misleading tactics and outright lies used by signature gatherers during the 2015 attack on prevailing wage: The message holds for 2017.