EMU Wants to Lower The Value Of All Our Labor. Let's Help EMU Faculty Stop Them.

The administration at Eastern Michigan University apparently doesn't think much of the work lecturers do. To wit, they want to cut the salaries of lecturers who already make less than $15,000 a year by 25%. But I work for the University of Michigan system, you think. Surely, it can't happen here.

If we demonstrate by our action, or inaction, that this kind of treatment is OK for EMU lecturers, we're telling our own bosses what they can get away with.

So I plan to be in Ypsilanti at the EMUFT rally outside Welch Hall on Friday morning at 9:30. (EMUFT is the union that represents Ypsilanti lecturers.) I don't have full details on the rally at this time, but, if you're a LEO member, check your email and let our President Ian Robinson know if you're planning on coming. He'll keep you in the loop.