UM Lecturers Being Awesome

University of Michigan lecturers are in the habit of being awesome. Are you a lecturer at our Flint, Dearborn, or Ann Arbor campuses? Tell us about the conferences you're organizing, the pieces you're publishing, and the awards you're winning. Since we're based in Ann Arbor, it'd be especially helpful to hear from our Dearborn and Flint colleagues, and since we're mostly humanities people, we'd love to hear from folks in the social and physical sciences. Email items to

A group of UM-Dearborn lecturers led by Malinda Mansour, a Lecturer in Philosophy, presented a panel discussion, "Facing the Hysteria: Reproductive Justice and Philosophical Frameworks" to a packed house that included UM-Dearborn's Vice Provost!

Clelia Rodriguez, a Lecturer in Romance Languages at UM-Ann Arbor, published this provocative post on faux-decolonization at the popular and much-read site Racebaitr.

UM-Ann Arbor English Lecturer Katie Willingham placed her poetry collection Unlikely Designs with Chicago University Press; it will appear in the fall of 2017 and is available for preorder. (Personally, I'm a big fan of her poem "Darwinist Logic on Humanity.")

Shelley Manis of the Sweetland Writing Center at UM-Ann Arbor (she's also a Comm Committee member) is leading a group that performs at Festifools in downtown Ann Arbor any minute now!

Finally, Ed Cho, a Lecturer in Economics at UM-Ann Arbor, won the prestigious Golden Apple Award, the Ann Arbor campus's only student-selected teaching award. The University Record offers a rundown of his moving autobiographical speech (yes, economists can be both moving and autobiographical!) here.